News Xchange 2016 announced...!

March 10, 2016

News Xchange 2016 - the single most important event for the leaders and innovators of the news industry -- will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 30 November - 1 December.

For the first time digital, print and broadcast media will convene and exchange content and business strategies for this crucial time of news journalism.

Whether you've founded a mobile media business or you're in the middle of transforming an established, traditional newspaper or television station, this is the event for you. Solutions, debates, innovation and potential partners will be there when we take on the biggest challenges facing our profession:

• What is the purpose of news today?
• Will Buzzfeed outperform CNN and The New York Times? If so, why?
• Why are the Nordic tabloids so innovative and successful?
• Why are political pressures on press freedoms on the rise?
• Is Facebook your friend or foe?
• How fast should you turn digital? That is, ALL digital?
• Where's the money for original reporting?
• Should the News be more constructive?
• Views or news? Is opinion journalism the way forward or the way astray?
• Will everything be digital or will papers and the telly survive?
• What is innovation, anyway?
• How multi media should your newsroom be? Are you sure about that?
• Who has overcome the challenge of the filter bubble?

News Xchange has been the most important conference for the broadcast news industry for more than a decade. This year, the conference opens the doors to the entire news industry, since we share the audiences, the markets, the platforms and the destiny. The event will be for the news and about the news - and, yes, it will make the news!

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