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October 20, 2018

The decision to invite a guest to speak at News Xchange is made on the basis of the relevance and importance of the issue they will discuss. With every speaker, we challenge and debate views and positions, and we give our audience the opportunity to do the same. An invitation to speak is not an endorsement of any position or viewpoint. There has been discussion in the press about our decision to include political strategist Steve Bannon in this year's programme. The statement below articulates the process and the context.

For further information about the Terms of Reference for our event with regard to agenda and guests can be found here

EBU Statement:
News Xchange is a journalism conference which seeks to explore the main industry trends and challenges delegates to understand the wider political and social context.

Steve Bannon is a key influencer in the rise of populism - one of the dominant political trends of our times.

He has been invited to speak at News Xchange this year because his views are relevant to today's society at large and therefore to the media industry.

We also consider it our journalistic responsibility to share and scrutinise a range of relevant viewpoints within the framework of a balanced debate.

He will be interviewed about his views by a BBC journalist, followed by an open Q&A with delegates.

BBC Statement:
News Xchange is an annual EBU journalism conference which the BBC and other broadcasters support to make happen.  Steve Bannon was invited on behalf of the EBU’s News Xchange committee.   Good journalism in a world of fake news and disinformation is more vital that ever.  Journalism is about asking tough questions and understanding what is happening in the world and why. A conference designed to analyse the big issues impacting that world isn’t an endorsement of anyone or anything - it is a function of what journalism is.










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