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News Xchange is coming to Paris

March 4, 2019

This year, News Xchange is delighted to be coming to Paris, partnering with EBU members, France Television and Radio France. Paris has long been known as The City of Light, a tribute to this world capital's role as the center of education and ideas during the Age of Englightenment. Beautiful, romantic, architecturally stunning, literary, magnificent. Paris. The birthplace of photography, fashion, and modern philosophy. Also a city full of history: from the grandeur of Versailles and the Bourbon courts, to the Revolution and to a long and proud history of protest in the name of egalite, fraternite and liberte. Paris, always beautiful, always complicated, always intriguing.

This will be our home for our 18th annual News Xchange, where we will take on the most challenging world issues as they affect the worlds of news and journalism. We will look for answers, of course, but even more importantly, we will look for insights and for wisdom. Together, at the Palais de Congres d'Issy, we will debate, discuss, share lessons learned -- both good and bad -- and draw conclusions around what it means to be a citizen -- a citoyen -- in a world growing increasingly polarized and increasingly less trusting in many sectors. How do younger people see the world? How we affect or not affect their thinking? What is our role? Is it changing? Or is it the same it has always been, but simply more complex and more difficult?

After our two days together, how do we emerge feeling more "enlightened" from our time with world experts, colleagues, artists, critics, audience members? That is our challenge, and we are excited to bring it all together and meet in Paris in November.







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