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  • October 15, 2013 Digital Fast Forward

    - EDITORIAL - 

    By Andy Williams, Managing Director, ITN Source

    The programme for this year’s NewsXchange is as future-looking and technology-focused as my colleagues and I can remember. With sessions on anything from big data to using social media content, this year’s conference should be the perfect forum to debunk some myths, share some truths and cover new ground.

    Beside the specific topic areas, what I’m particularly interested in is the pace of change in the digital space and how that translates to immediate and long-term improvements to news and current affairs output and programming. A key theme that I expect to emerge from discussions is that – to borrow and bastardise an old adage - a year is a long time in digital. And whilst that disruptive change can happen at lightning speed, ripples will be felt well into the future.

  • June 12, 2013 Talkin' New Realities! News Xchange 2013

    Every year, our Executive and News Xchange teams meet in Geneva to do a creative brainstorming session and plan the year's conversation. The decisions are driven by what's happening in the industry and what's happening in the world, plus what you -- our community -- tell us is keeping you awake at night or making you buzz with excitement.

    This year, the theme came very easily. The word we kept using, without realizing we were coming up with a theme, was Reality. And almost always someone would say something like, Well, that's the NEW reality.

    That is the world we're in now. It's amazing. It's the new reality.

    And so a theme was born!


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