Marina Ovsyannikova

Marina Ovsyannikova, former Editor and International Producer for Channel One Russia, burst into a live News Broadcast in March 2022 with a sign reading ‘stop the war – they’re lying to you here’. In October last year, with her young daughter, she fled for the border with the help of the director of Reporters Sans Frontieres, Christophe Deloire. Marina and Christophe will discuss the protest, the escape, the situation in Russia today - and how RSF supports other journalists at risk, around the world. Before joining Channel One, Marina worked for the regional television VGTRK Vresti-Luban (Krasnodar Territory). After her protest she was fired - and briefly became a freelance correspondent for the German newspaper Die Welt. Since they fled the country in October 2022, on the eve of her trial, Marina and her daughter have found refuge in Western Europe. She recently published her autobiography entitled Between Good and Evil, How I finally stood up to the Kremlin’s propaganda.

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