Phil Chetwynd

Chetwynd is the Global News Director of Agence France-Presse (AFP) and leads the agency's 1,700 journalists based in some 150 countries. He is responsible for implementing the agency’s visual-first multimedia strategy and driving the digital transformation of the company.

Chetwynd has been instrumental in AFPTV's emergence over the past decade as a major force in the video and TV news industry and he has built AFP's position as one of the leading media voices in the battle against disinformation. Under his leadership the agency has shown an unshakeable commitment to putting journalists on the ground, often in challenging locations where other media have pulled back, and telling human-led stories.

After starting out in British regional newspapers, Chetwynd began his career at AFP as a correspondent in the Middle East and Asia before going on to hold some of the top editorial jobs at the agency including chief Asia editor and global editor-in-chief.

He sits on the board of Reporters Without Borders and is a member of the World Editors Forum.

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