Reuters at the heart of news in 2023

NewsXchange 2023 will explore the threats and opportunities faced by journalists on the ground and in newsrooms around the world and consider the challenges of tackling multiple frontlines simultaneously.

With 2500 journalists in 200 locations around the world, Reuters brings you the stories that matter from ton the ground: from the latest global headlines and major events to exclusive markets reports and top entertainment and sports stories. Reuters is always present to deliver fast, accurate and impartial coverage. 

Be the first to tell the real story from the frontlines with Reuters
Reuters has 50 staff deployed in Ukraine and is the only independent source of news from the Russia-controlled east. We delivered the first video footage of the devastation from the Turkey and Syria earthquake and were two hours ahead with the first live video, plus led on further key elements including the first video from Syria and live drone shots. Andwere first with live footage from Balmoral after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Unmatched coverage and global reach
Our coverage of major events is unrivalled. During the FIFA World Cup, we provided live fanzone coverage from more than 30 locations around the world. For the U.S. midterm elections, we delivered 30 live video streams, plus distributed trusted real-time vote count and exit poll data through our exclusive partnership with the National Election Pool.

In 2022, Reuters delivered live transmissions of climate change coverage from 23 countries, as well as 162 video edits and several hundred news pictures. With one of the largest global fleets of newsgathering drones we can bring a new perspective to the climate emergency with unique footage of wildfires, droughts and extreme weather events.

Reuters at the heart of news in 2023
Reuters continues to bring you the stories that matter from the frontlines of the news. Watch below:

Only Reuters can provide you with high-quality, real-time news and topic specific content, from 165+ countries, in 16 languages, captured by 2,500+ journalists on the ground. Delivering the biggest stories without agenda or bias for over 170 years. Reuters: The Source.

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